Exploring the Scottish Wonder Edinburgh Castle

Perched on the plug of a dormant volcano, called Castle Rock, sits a beautiful castle which towers over the seemingly small buildings belonging to the ancient Scottish capital. Indeed, some of you might have guessed it and others may have not, but the castle I'm on about is none other than the iconic Edinburgh Castle... Continue Reading →

10 Fantastic Free Stock Photo Resources

Great blogging is not just about writing. It's also about displaying your content well and fulfilling your reader's expectations. A means of doing this involves using html properly and inserting captivating photos in your article. If you often struggle to find the time to take your own photos, stock photos can be a great solution. Have... Continue Reading →

Inside the Glass House at Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens

Whilst on my last vacation in Scotland a few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to visit Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Gardens which allowed me to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city. It also granted me the opportunity to relax on a bench and enjoy the simple things nature has to... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin & Bacon Risotto Recipe 

After the Christmas holidays and a much-needed vacation, I vowed I would eat less cake, bread and greasy foods. But alas the nearest Pizza Hut, located a mere 5-minutes away from the office, had been calling my name for the last week and I couldn't bare it. I just had to go. So, I grabbed... Continue Reading →

Create a Glitter Texture in 7 Steps

Looking to add some sparkle to your images? If so, don't fret. Creating a glitter texture is as easy as ABC. Check out our photoshop tutorial and get ready to add a bit of glitz and glam to your text and images!

Writing Advice from the Greats of Literature

A good day spent writing is a day well spent. But it's not easy to come up with something great. Here's some writing advice that might help you in the long run.

Happy New Year

Raise your glass to the New Year! Here's to a new beginning. Hopefully filled with lots of love, laughter and precious moments to remember for a lifetime.

Writing Woes – The Process of Creating a Captivating Story

A good book is flowing and keeps your interest. But a great book commands your attention, beckons you to turn its pages and keeps you up in the early hours of the morning. Its fueled by a deep sense of imagination, passion and meaning which enable its words to conjure up powerful imagery in your... Continue Reading →

The Boat that Stares Out at Sea

As the colourful Luzzu stares out at the Mediterrean sea, knowing that his owner will soon appear, the sea gently rocks him from side to side attempting to lull him to sleep. But his eyes do not close. They continue to gaze fixedly out at sea, waiting apprehensively for the moustached man to show up... Continue Reading →

A Spotlight on Street Art in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is perhaps most famous for its canals,coffee shops & lush green parks.Yet, the colorful city also hosts an array of street art. Discover more.

Icy and Sot Amsterdam Graffiti in Voetboogsteeg

Icy and Sot's mural of an Iranian woman is an excellent example of how art can be a very effective medium to deliver a powerful message. Discover more.

Fish Graffiti, Amsterdam by Sjem Bakkus 

Upon walking down Spuistraat, one of Amsterdam's most derelict streets, you'll most likely pass by a few of the Dutch capital's artistic gems. And 0ne of the artworks you'll most probably lay your eyes on is one that was painted by Dutch street artist Sjem Bakkus. Indeed, there's no doubt that this menacing fish baring... Continue Reading →

A Vegetal Affair

A few months ago, a couple of friends and I wound up unexpectedly visiting one of the only green spots left on the Maltese islands - Buskett. And to our surprise, the garden was different for once. Not as tranquil as usual, but instead bustling with people who chatted away loudly and went around the stalls... Continue Reading →

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